Stop Waiting

Have you ever thought about how much time we spend waiting? Waiting in line at the grocery store. Waiting for your Amazon package to be delivered. Waiting for your partner to be ready for your date night. Top all of the daily life waiting with the waiting of infertility and loss and we spend a ridiculous amount of time waiting. So much waiting we don’t have control over and yet, some of it, we do!

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Your Legacy

A few weeks ago, my husband and I visited some family that live out of town. While we were there, my nephew was working on writing a story and I got to transcribe it for him. As I sat there typing on his iPad, I had to hold back tears. Happy sentimental ones. My head took me back to the times I sat at my computer, typing my own stories to send to my nieces and nephews to read. Stories about animals, like the one he had written. And I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders, one I’m not sure I knew I had.

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Let’s Celebrate Family

Many holidays, I’ve spent the day with my husband and extended family. Often, I end up sitting in an out of the way spot watching mommas run after their kids and often, I’ve set to thinking “Someday that will be me.” It’s so easy to fall into the thought pattern that you aren’t a family unless you have kids or even waiting to embrace your family until you have all the kids you think you should have. Family looks so different it deserves to be celebrated right now!

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Check In With Your Man

In June we celebrate Father’s Day so this month, we’re focusing on our guys. Infertility and loss doesn’t just affect women and often, we can get so caught up in the roller coaster that is our own emotions that we forget. Our thrive tip for the month is to check in with your man. So here are a few pointers for how to do that as well as some questions to help you get started.

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