How to Give Coziness Away

I have a friend who is the master of giving away coziness. Each time we get together for a birthday or Christmas coffee, she brings me a thoughtful gift along with homemade marshmallows or coffee she bought on a trip. Her thoughtfulness has inspired me over the years to add that extra little something for people I love, especially when it’s not a holiday. Especially in the winter! Everyone needs a little extra cozy this time of year and there are so many ways we can give it away, whether you want to bake the muffins or not.

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Take Care Of Yourself

The other day, I was watering my houseplants and I had this thought. If you have a houseplant, you give it plenty of water and a sunny window. You fertilize it with the good stuff and repot it in a pretty ceramic container in the spring. You notice when the leaves are yellowing and Google how to fix it. You check that the soil doesn’t get too dry. You keep it out of reach of furry friends that might destroy it. We give so much care to these lucky plants… why don’t we care for ourselves the same way?

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Cozy Winter Printables

I love quotes. Maybe because I love words and I appreciate things that are well written. But especially the quotes that make you visualize a particular thing like a flowery garden or a cuddly kitty or a cozy chair by the fire. If you check out my Instagram, I post them often! I also love to print out pretty things and put them on my fridge or in a frame on the gallery wall. Cozy words and pretty pictures can be the perfect thing to switch my mood when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. So if you’re having a hard time getting out of bed these days, print out one of these pretty quotes and put it on your fridge or set it on your nightstand or even just tape it above your desk. Download them for free at the bottom of this post!

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Thriving In Winter

Winter is so long and dark and when you are in the middle of a dark situation, it sometimes feels too much. The early dark, the constant cold, the rainy or snowy weather that seems to block out the sun all winter long. It feels daunting to look at it after the brightness of Christmas. How do we go on with winter now that we have to put away the tree and the holiday festivities?

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