Thrive Bakes: Strawberry Cake

When the weather gets warm, we throw open the windows and take meals out on the patio. Family dinners or weekend brunch with friends, you’re going to need a dessert for the sweet tooth. Earlier this month, we posted a recipe on our Instagram stories for Strawberry Cake. It’s so simple that whether you’re a baker or not, you’ll be able to throw this together in a pinch. With a scatter of strawberries on top, it’s the perfect finishing touch to any spring patio meal. Add sprinkles for a little extra flourish!

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Soul Happiness

The other day I was looking back at old photos and realized that I can truly see a difference in my eyes and my smile when I was struggling. Even in “glamorous” photos where I felt pretty with red lipstick and dangly earrings or group photos where I should have been happy to be at that event. But my eyes say differently. And in the photos where I’m truly happy, you can just tell a difference in my eyes! Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

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Why Not?

After almost nine years of infertility, coming to reality that kids won’t be part of our life, I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I’ve spent so long making decisions based on our future family. The house we chose to live in because it had extra bedrooms to grow into. The car I drive because it has room for car seats and a trunk to fit strollers. The sofa we bought because it’s perfectly deep for reading library books and introducing our kids to our favorite Disney movies. The jobs I’ve worked because I could do it at home with a baby. But now, there won’t be a baby. Suddenly, my parameters have widened to previously unfathomable heights. After a long season of heavy choices and griefs, I feel giddy with freedom.

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Easter Egg Hunt Printable

If there was a word to describe the triggers around this time of year, it’s FRAUGHT. Easter is fraught with triggers. The tiny lacy socks and little pastel bow ties. Watching your nieces and nephews at the family Easter egg hunt. Not to mention the family gatherings that inevitably bring up some pregnancy announcements. It’s important amidst this season that you take time for you and your partner.

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