Letter to the Sympathizers

One evening a couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through past things I’ve written. Old poetry, unfinished stories, Christmas advent devotions, lots of words for lots of things. In my reading, I stumbled across this letter, dated November of 2017. This was the holiday season after a long dark summer full of depression and fake smiles. This was the holiday season when we were finally beginning to look into the cause of our infertility. I remember how I felt that season. Fed up. With the advice, with the wait, with having to be the one to forgive over and over again. So I wrote this letter that I forgot about until I found it a couple weeks ago. I didn’t send it to anyone or even post it on my blog. I just had these words I had to get out. And this seemed like the place to share them.

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Just Listen

It was a crazy busy weekend and I had a few moments to myself to sit out on my patio on a mild night. Behind me I could hear the new neighbors talking on their own porch a few feet away and I got that inner nudge. So I stood, walked over to the fence and introduced myself. And then spent the next 45 minutes talking to them. They were so nice and chatty and it made me realize something. People just want to be heard.

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Living Wide Open

Our thrive tip for June is OPEN UP YOUR COUCH. At Yet We Thrive, we have latched on to the couch because we all have memories of sitting alone on our couches, wondering if we’re the only one. It’s such a lonely place to be and part of the reason we exist is to remind you all that you are not alone! This month we want to challenge you to open up your couch and remind someone else that they are not alone. But it doesn’t have to be your couch!

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Take A Chance

I’m a homebody. I’ve always been one to have people to my house instead of going to theirs and I’m passionate about creating a home that is safe, cozy and relaxing for anyone who walks through my door. I remember in particular one of the first times I hosted an old friend. We’d been in high school together and had recently reconnected over watercolors. I was so nervous but we sat on my couch together and she told me about her infertility. At the time, I was in the darkest depths of my own infertility journey and my heart went out to her. Lo and behold, we’re best friends now because I took the chance and asked her to sit on my couch with me.

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