Thrive Bakes: Beer Bread

Helloooooo Fall and soup season! Soup season is my very favorite. For us, it goes from about the end of September through March. The first few years of marriage, I would make a soup or stew every Monday for dinner. It was a nice tradition that I looked forward to and gave me cozy leftovers for the rest of the week! Nowadays I don’t make soup on Mondays exclusively but I do make it once a week at least. And one of my favorite sides is beer bread! So I’m gonna share my favorite recipe with you! This beer bread is a one bowl, no knead recipe. Super easy to whip up and pop in the oven before you go about chopping your soup veggies!

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Journal Prompts

This month, our thrive tip is WRITE IT OUT. We’ve been talking all month long about all the ways you can write it out, but sometimes it feels impossible to sort through all the big feelings we have. So we wanted to give you some prompts to get you going. You can refer to this post or grab our free printables, whatever you like. Just get that pen to paper and get those thoughts and feelings out! We promise you’ll feel better for it!

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Write It Out

This month, our thrive tip is WRITE IT OUT. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned to my pen to help me make sense of things. I’ve written letters and emails when I had hard heavy things to say to someone. I’ve written long ranting texts and short “I’m not okay” texts to my bff. I’ve written blog posts and Instagram posts that were probably too real and raw for the Internet. I’ve started journals and dropped them. And a few years ago, I started writing poetry. Just for myself. It doesn’t rhyme usually and it often doesn’t make sense, but it’s quirky nature makes me feel better. To give you an idea, here are a few…..

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Autumn Check In

I was talking to my sister-in-law the other day and we were lamenting a bit about this past summer. We felt like it hit us both really hard as well as lots of people we know. For my husband and I, we’ve struggled through job stress, bouts of anxiety, arguments about said job, and filling the calendar too full so the house stays dirty and the yard is a grass jungle. Here at the beginning of fall, I’m not sure if we’re breathing a sigh of relief or just a heavy sigh. So I wanted to check in on you and see how your summer went. Grab a cup of coffee or run to Starbucks for that PSL, I’ll wait……

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