A Cozy Advent Calendar

It’s here! The Christmas season has officially arrived! Whether you have kids or not, it’s inevitable that you will be swamped with extra activities and events on top of your daily life. Coming in December, our thrive tip is FIND YOUR PAUSE. We know that can seem impossible in this season which is why we’ve created a cozy advent calendar for you! It’s free and printable and hopefully, it will give you a little something to bring you peace each day in December. Just click the button below to download!

Being a Blessing To Yourself

My husband and I went camping several weeks ago. The campground was packed with fall break revelers and the weather was finger freezing cold but beautifully sunny. I was sitting in my folding chair, cocooned in a fuzzy blanket in front of our crackling breakfast fire when yet another kid rolled by on their clackety training wheel clad bike. And suddenly I was crying into my campfire coffee. Like chest tight, face wet, trying not to sob.

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A Blessing For Your Holiday Season

Lately there is a particular account on Instagram that I’m loving. One thing she does on Fridays, she writes a weekend blessing for her followers. It’s things like “I hope you nap” and “I hope you eat pie” and little things like that and it’s just so simple and encouraging. So I wanted to write one for you. Hopefully to send you into the holiday season bolstered and refreshed.

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Preparing For The Holidays

A month or two ago, I decided I was tired of our spare room (aka waiting nursery) staying spare. It’s such a sweet room tucked under the eaves of our old house and it has the most beautiful pink morning light. It deserved to be used and I was tired of waiting. So I created a space for me. It has pink walls (my favorite color), my desk stacked with books and lists and candles, and a comfy rocker with my weighted blanket gracing the back. I’ve filled it with plants because supervised cats only and the walls are already filled with art prints I love. It holds my yoga mat and my laptop and my record player and in the morning, a disco ball makes it sparkle. It’s really a space just for me. And let me tell you, it’s getting my heart ready for the holidays.

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