You Are Not A Disappointment

I was sitting on the couch of a family member and somehow, a life updates chat turned into an adoption guilt trip. “I just don’t know how anyone who can’t have children won’t adopt!” When she looked at me and asked “You’re not mad at me are you?”, the tears spilled over and out of everything I wanted to say, all I could say was “I’m sorry I’m not doing enough.”

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Little Strengths

I love gifting but sometimes I second guess myself. This year, I got my mom an O-cedar spin mop for her birthday. I use this mop for work and it has changed my life. I love mopping now! Last year I heard my mom say she wanted one, several times. They have a dog and my sisters at home still so I knew it would make her life easier. So while I second guessed away in my head, I bought it for her. She literally did a HAPPY DANCE when I gave it to her and texted me the next morning at 7:30am that she was mopping her floors! And it made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside to see how much she loved it and I realized that giving gifts is a little strength of mine!

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What’s Your Flex?

Thanksgiving is when my biggest flex comes out to play. Thanksgiving is the holiday that all of my husband’s large family gets together, and my sister-in-law who lives out of town prefers to stay at our house with her husband and their four kids. I definitely go a little insane that week, cleaning our house and cooking (because Aunt KK has to have all the treats!), but as soon as they arrive, it’s all worth it. A cozy clean house ready to welcome them and fun food and drinks to make their time here feel celebratory. And it makes me smile to know that I can host them well!

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