Use Your Senses

Here in Indiana, you have to take full advantage of the good weather when you get it. When we had one super warm day in February, I opened lots of windows around the house, including the one above our bed. When we went to bed that evening, the sheets smelled like outside, fresh and earthy. It was so life giving to breathe deep as I drifted off to sleep!

This month, our thrive tip is LOOK FOR LIFE and I want to challenge you to look with all of your senses! There are so many ways we can find life in our lives, both big and small. Here are few ways I do it and I hope it will inspire you to embrace all the life you find with all your senses this month!

  • Life to see – flowers blooming, photos of the babies in your family, your clean kitchen at the end of the day, your hobby coming together
  • Life to hear – spring playlists, mourning doves, wind chimes, talking to your niece or nephew on the phone
  • Life to smell – lilac flowers, lemon cleaner, windowsill herb garden, floral spring perfume
  • Life to taste – fresh strawberry cake, your favorite sparkling water, iced coffee from the local shop, asparagus in anything
  • Life to touch – hugs from your bff, snuggling your fur baby, walking barefoot outside, your favorite summer dress against your skin

I want to know, how are you looking for life with your other senses? Share with us on social media!

Casey Watkins has been married to her IT handyman for ten years. Together, they live in an old house on the east side of Indianapolis with their cats, Charlie and Hermione. In their nine years of infertility, they’ve renovated their house, visited Iceland and baked a lot of cake. You can read more about Casey on her Instagram, chasing_cozy!

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