Find Your Inner Child

In June, our thrive tip was GET EXCITED. As a kid, Fourth of July was the pinnacle of summertime excitement. We’d get together with family or friends and run around the yard with glow sticks, the smell of charcoal in the air. Sometimes we would get those little poppy firecrackers and sometimes, we’d load up the car and drive someplace in town to see the big fireworks. And then I grew up and I dreamed about giving my own kids that same summertime experience… until infertility.

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Grief Is Not Exciting

Here we’re looking at the end of June and summer is in full swing. Our Thrive Tip for this month is GET EXCITED and some of us have been getting excited about so many fun plans and projects! However some of us, even if the calendar is full of things that should get us excited, are having trouble getting there. If that’s where you’re sitting right now, this post is especially for you.

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Getting Excited About Big Things

You guessed it! This week, we’re talking about the big things bucket list! I feel like I’m still working on the routine for our bigger vacations. We started out doing what our families did; cooking our meals, looking for the free activities, staying places with friends or what we could find for super cheap. And somewhere along the way, we realized that it’s just us. Like not even the cat on vacation! So, we’ve started experimenting and we’ve definitely found things that feel more like vacation to us. Like the private Airbnb pool and ordering in dinner more than we cook. It makes me even more excited for the big vacations! In case you’re looking for some big exciting ideas to put on your summer bucket list, here’s a few ideas! Fair warning, there is a lot of planning here because I don’t know about you, but the planning part is what really gets me excited!

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Getting Excited About Small Things

It was a Sunday afternoon. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. We met up after church and drove together to her new favorite coffee shop. Then we sat on the shop’s deck with our lattes, talking and laughing and watching the cars go by and it was one of the highlights of my summer. And that’s just it! When the savings account has gone to doctors instead of plane tickets and the vacation time was spent trying to heal on your couch instead of lounging in a pool, summer might seem kinda dull. So it’s up to us to make plans that get us excited! Last week we talked about mundane things and today we’re talking about real plans. Like calendar worthy plans. So grab your calendar and check out this bucket list of small things to get excited about!

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