A Back To School List When You Don’t Have Kids

It’s kinda weird to me that I don’t really know my triggers. That pregnancy announcement? No problem. The squishy baby cheeks sleeping on momma’s shoulder in front of us at church? Pass the tissues. They often hit me when I’m least expecting it. So while back to school time doesn’t bother me in general, sitting behind the schoolbus and watching that mom kiss her third grader goodbye for the day hits me in the feels. No matter where you sit with this back to school time of year, there are some fun things we can do that can help us grapple with the feelings we have.

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Let’s Be A Village

You’ve heard the saying and maybe even said it yourself. “It takes a village to raise a child.” It’s an African proverb that has wound its way into American parenting. And it’s a good proverb! It’s important to remember that when you have kids, you don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to be everything alone. There are people around you that love you and want to help you with your kids and make your life a little easier. Well guess what, even when you don’t have kids, you still need a village!

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Pressing Pause

Summer is officially here, with all it’s A/C blasting, popsicle dripping, vacation planning, sun lotion rubbing, grill cooking, lighting bug catching, and star gazing. As a kid, summer is the land of the fun and the home of the free. As an adult, we find ourselves still mired in work and bills and meds and appointments and what the heck do I make for dinner. Life doesn’t stop for us. Grief doesn’t stop for summer. So when you feel the weight of everything sitting heavy on your chest while the summer sun shines, don’t forget that you can press pause.

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Little Bit Me, Little Bit You

We’ve spent the past month talking about our guys and how important it is to check in on them. Sometimes though, that checking in doesn’t go how we planned. What we hoped would be a deep conversation that would leave us feeling close and connected ends in “I don’t know,” leaving us frustrated and far apart. It’s these moments that I go back to the marriage advice I heard early on. Lean in.

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