Find Your Inner Child

In June, our thrive tip was GET EXCITED. As a kid, Fourth of July was the pinnacle of summertime excitement. We’d get together with family or friends and run around the yard with glow sticks, the smell of charcoal in the air. Sometimes we would get those little poppy firecrackers and sometimes, we’d load up the car and drive someplace in town to see the big fireworks. And then I grew up and I dreamed about giving my own kids that same summertime experience… until infertility.

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Grief Is Not Exciting

Here we’re looking at the end of June and summer is in full swing. Our Thrive Tip for this month is GET EXCITED and some of us have been getting excited about so many fun plans and projects! However some of us, even if the calendar is full of things that should get us excited, are having trouble getting there. If that’s where you’re sitting right now, this post is especially for you.

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Words For You

Mother’s Day hits hard. Whether it’s another year of waiting or a year where you should be holding a newborn and you aren’t, there is nothing that will repair the wounds of infertility and loss. No words that can take the pain away. But in almost nine years of infertility, I’ve learned that there are words I need to hear but no one is going to tell me, so I have to tell myself. I want to share those words with you. It won’t solve the problem or remove the pain, but at least I can try to give you a salve to take the sting away. These words are for you, dear one.

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